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Every family with a swimming pool deserves to enjoy splashing around in a clean pool on a hot summer day.

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Regular pool maintenance is the easiest way to make sure your pool is clean and safe for anybody to enjoy.

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When you own a pool, you should expect that one day you will need equipment repairs and we are ready to help. 

Old Spanish Trail Estates AZ Pool Service

Professional Pool Cleaning and Equipment Repair Service for Residents of Old Spanish Trail Estates and the Surrounding Communities.

With over 350 days of sun each year and temperatures rising to 115 degrees in the summer, a functioning swimming pool is a requirement for many Old Spanish Trail Estates area homeowners. There are a lot of pool companies to choose from in the Old Spanish Trail Estates area. Contact us today to experience the Monsoon Pools difference.

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Weekly Pool Cleaning Services Old Spanish Trail Estates AZ

Are you looking for Old Spanish Trail Estates area pool cleaning service providers? Monsoon Pools provides weekly and monthly pool service in Old Spanish Trail Estates and the surrounding communities. Our technicians provide the best pool cleaning service in Old Spanish Trail Estates, Arizona.

We offer pool cleaning, maintenance, equipment repair, green pool cleaning, as well as vacation and short-term pool cleaning services for part-time residents.

We offer weekly and monthly pool cleaning services. These services include testing pool water pH and cleaning pool filters, chemical additions and balancing of pool chemicals, pool filter back-washing, cleaning pool cleaner bags, inspecting pool cleaner bags, cleaning pool filters, brushing pool walls and steps, equipment inspections, vacuuming pool and reporting pool problems.

Monsoon Pools offers all kinds of pool services, including complete pool maintenance, pool service, green pool cleaning, pool equipment repairs, pool pump & motor repair, solutions to difficult or elusive problems with your pool, as well as vacation and short-term pool management.

To schedule an appointment, give us a call at (520) 912-7940 to schedule a free estimate online. We will reach out to you within 24-48 hours to arrange a visit to your home. We strive to ensure that your pool is clean, safe and clear all year long.

Our ultimate goal is for your pool to always be safe and clean, so that you can enjoy it with family and friends whenever they want.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Monsoon Pools professionals are dedicated to serving residents in Old Spanish Trail Estates and other communities in East and Southeast Tucson.

Old Spanish Trail Estates Pool Maintenance Services

Weekly & Monthly Pool Maintenance Old Spanish Trail Estates

Regular maintenance is important for your swimming pool, especially if you plan to use it often during the summer months in Old Spanish Trail Estates. Having this maintenance done on a regular basis is a great way to keep your pool in good condition. Monsoon Pools offers weekly, monthly and short-term pool maintenance services in Old Spanish Trail Estates, so you don’t have to worry about finding time to set aside to do these tasks.

Instead, our Old Spanish Trail Estates pool professionals can come out to your home each week, month, or just when you need us, and take care of these maintenance tasks. We’ll make sure that your pool stays clean and that your pool equipment remains in excellent condition.

At Monsoon Pools, our experts come prepared with all the equipment and supplies needed for pool maintenance. From checking your filters to balancing the chemicals in your pool, our team can make sure that your swimming pool is in great shape. This means that you can enjoy your free time without having to fit in time for pool maintenance.

One-Time Swimming Pool Maintenance Old Spanish Trail Estates AZ

If you’re usually able to maintain your Old Spanish Trail Estates pool on your own, there might be times when you could use a helping hand from our professionals.

This might be when you want to make sure that your pool is fully prepared for winter or when it’s time to get your pool ready for use in summer. You also might need one-time swimming pool maintenance while you’re away on vacation since you won’t be around to manage it.

No matter what reason you have for needing maintenance on a one-time basis, the experts at Monsoon Pools have you covered.

After completing your swimming pool maintenance, our experts will let you know if we encountered any problems that need attention, such as equipment issues with your pool equipment. Our team will also provide you with detailed information on the condition of your pool. If needed, we can also offer helpful advice and tips on keeping your pool in good condition throughout the year. When you need your next pool maintenance service, you can count on us for exceptional service.

Whether you need weekly, monthly or one-time pool maintenance at your Old Spanish Trail Estates area home, you can count on Monsoon Pools. Contact us for more information on our pool maintenance services or to schedule these services for your swimming pool.

Pool Equipment Repairs Old Spanish Trail Estates

Old Spanish Trail Estates Pool Equipment Repair Services

Monsoon Pools has developed a reputation as one of the top-rated pool companies in Old Spanish Trail Estates for pool equipment repairs. For more than 10 years, our team has proudly repaired and replaced all major brands of swimming pool equipment.

Pool professionals know that pool pumps, valves and filters are all important components of a safe and enjoyable swimming environment. We offer repair and replacement of pool pumps, valves, filters and timers. Contact us today to learn more about our outstanding solutions for improving your pool experience.

We can handle your pool equipment repair job, no matter how large or small. The following are some of the pool equipment services that provide to our Old Spanish Trail Estates area customers:

Pool Filter Repair and Replacement Old Spanish Trail Estates

Your pool’s filter plays an important role in ensuring that your pool works properly. Your pool could become cloudy or algae-prone if the filter is not working properly. Monsoon Pools can help you if you see any indications that your pool’s filter is not working properly.

Pool Pump Repair and Replacement Old Spanish Trail Estates

When your pool’s pump runs into issues, you’ll know it. A malfunctioning pool pump will cause everything else on your pool’s equipment pad to stop working as well. As the heart of your pool’s circulation system, it is crucial to ensure your pump is working optimally. When your pool pump isn’t performing as it should, our team can diagnose the issue and perform the necessary repairs to rectify the problem.

Pool Valve Repair and Replacement Old Spanish Trail Estates

Pool valves are used to control the direction of water flow to and from the pool, as well as in and out of the equipment. Your pool will be damaged if it isn’t controlled properly. Our pool pros have extensive experience in replacing and repairing pool valves. We are confident that we can offer the same exceptional service for your pool.

Pool Timer Repair and Replacement Old Spanish Trail Estates

There are many possible issues that could cause your pool timer to stop working properly. Our team can help diagnose and fix any issues with your pool timer, including missing timer pins or improperly set.

Monsoon Pools has years of experience and can help you with most pool repairs. You can rely on us for fast repairs, fair prices and unbeatable customer service. Pools are a large investment. We are the top choice in Old Spanish Trail Estates for pool equipment repairs and installations. We look forward to helping your get the most from your investment. For more information and a free estimate, contact us today.

Green Pool Cleaning Old Spanish Trail Estates

Monsoon Pools can help you with green pool maintenance in Old Spanish Trail Estates and the surrounding communities. We have the experience and knowledge to get you back in your pool enjoying it year round. A green pool is not only unattractive, but it can also be dangerous to swim in. It doesn’t matter if your pool has green, yellow, or black algae. You need to schedule an appointment ASAP so you can swim in your pool without worrying about exposing your family members to pathogens.

We’re aOld Spanish Trail Estatesable to provide an estimate for your pool based on its size and the work required. Call us today!

What Makes a Pool Green?

Algae can make your pool green and cause chemical imbalances that allow the algae to grow. Algae and other microorganisms will have a hard time growing if there is enough free chlorine in the pool. That’s why shocking your pool with chlorine is part of treatment. To maintain a healthy pool, it is important to adjust the levels of any other chemicals.

A Green Pool Service That Actually Works

In Old Spanish Trail Estates, the hot months don’t seem to end, unfortunately, this is the kind of climate where algae blooms thrive. You will only notice an algae problem when you have millions of these tiny organisms. Yellow algae is even harder to deal with than green pool water, which is why you should call the techs at Monsoon Pools to treat your Old Spanish Trail Estates pool.

A Green Pool is a Serious Health Risk

It can be difficult to identify some types of algae. This is why it is important to hire a professional pool technician who will properly assess and remove the algae from your pool. If your swimming pool looks green, then it is contaminated and should be thoroughly cleaned because it is considered a health hazard. Blue-green algae, commonly known as black algae, can harbor E. Coli and should be treated as soon as possible.

Say Goodbye to Your Green Pool!

There are many ways to get rid of algae from your pool, including:

  • pH & Chlorine Stabilization
  • Algaecides
  • Pool Treatment Products for Professionals
  • Draining & Scrubbing
  • Chlorine Bath
  • Acid Wash (Extreme Circumstances)


Monsoon Pools in Old Spanish Trail Estates offers green pool prevention options and cleaning plans based on the size of your pool. We also offer state-of-the-art pool equipment that will make maintaining your pool easier than ever. We are the best “green to clean” pool service in Old Spanish Trail Estates.

Monsoon Pools offers professional green pool cleaning in Old Spanish Trail Estates Get a free quote for green pool cleaning by calling us today!

Vacation Pool Service Old Spanish Trail Estates

vacation pool service Tucson

Are you planning a spring getaway or summer vacation? Maybe you’re a “snowbird” and need someone to take care of your pool when you are not in town.

Monsoon Pools will take care of your pool using our short-term pool maintenance program so you can relax and enjoy your vacation or time away.

There’s nothing is worse than coming home to a dirty or green pool. Monsoon Pools provides customized, short-term pool maintenance services that will give you peace of mind and confidence knowing your pool is being maintained while you are away.

This service can be used for up to six month. Just like our weekly maintenance clients, we will clean and maintain your pool, along with keeping your water and chemicals in balance. If there are any problems, we will notify you by phone, text, or email. Our highly skilled repair team will quickly fix any issues – subject to your approval!

We can customize a short term pool maintenance plan to meet your needs. Your Monsoon Pools maintenance specialist will ensure your pool is ready for you to return. For a worry-free vacation request service today.

Short Term Pool Service Old Spanish Trail Estates

Monsoon Pools offers short term pool cleaning and maintenance services. Our techs will manage your pool, monitor the equipment, and make sure your pool is ready for you to enjoy when you come home. Our top-rated pool cleaning company proudly serves East Tucson, Old Spanish Trail Estates, and the surrounding areas.

The harsh Arizona climate never seems to go on vacation – but you do! Our seasonal, vacation or short-term pool service will keep your pool in top condition while you are away. A Monsoon Pools vacation, seasonal or short-term service is an excellent way to keep your pool sparkling clean until you return home.

Seasonal Pool Cleaning Service Old Spanish Trail Estates

Do you need reputable pool service when you’re out of town? Our technicians are aOld Spanish Trail Estatesable in your area ready to assist. We can help you for any length of time, whether it’s one week or six months.

We offer short term, vacation and season pool service plans that can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Why Choose Us?

At Monsoon Pools the Customer is Always First.

We take care of your pool as if it were our own. We are a small, locally owned and operated company that provides exceptional care for every aspect of your pool. We believe the growth of our business comes from happy and satisfied customers. You want to be able to enjoy your pool when you want, at any time without worrying about whether the water is in balance and safe to swim in. You want your pool to be clean, clear and beautiful, ready for use at all times. We can do that for you. We take the worry out of pool care.

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As a family owned and operated business, we make sure every pool is as clean as possible.

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We offer competitive pricing, free second opinions and accept all major credit cards and online payments.

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Our highly trained employees are dedicated to showing up on time and getting the job done with the best results.

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We make every effort to ensure your maintenance or repair experience with us is a good one.

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