We all want a clean pool and to clean a pool we all try so many tricks. Many of us hire pool services for cleaning the pool but they may be expensive. While others are cleaning the pool by themselves and some of us didn’t afford a pool service or don’t want to do it ourselves. So, if you fall in the last category then this blog is for you. At Monsoon Pools, we serve a wide range of pool cleaning system that suits your pool and fit your budget and lifestyle. Here in this blog, we describe various types of pool cleaners and when to use them. So, let’s have a look without waiting.

Different Types of Pool Cleaners and When To Use Them

There are many types of pool cleaning services in Tucson available for your pool to it. Based on your budget and need you can select any pool cleaners. Below we mentioned 5 different types of most popular pool cleaners.

Manual Vacuum:

Most pool owners receive manual vacuum pool cleaners with their new pool. This cleaner has a vacuum head attached to the tele-pole with a hose that connects to a special fitting in the skimmers box. As the name suggests, when you use it, you have to work. This cleaner required 45 to 60 minutes to pick up dirt and leaves. Because of this, a manual vacuum is effective but time-consuming.

Pressure Cleaners:

Pressure cleaners use as the individual pressure-filtered water pump that returns the line and blasts the pool surface. This Vacuum is best for those pools which have a lot of debris. This pool cleaner has a filter bag, so it doesn’t place any additional load on the pool filter. To make this pump more powerful, you can add a booster pump.

Handheld Pool Vacuum Cleaner:

This type of pool cleaner works like a household floor vacuum cleaner. They contain appliances with bristle heads, filters, debris trapping, and long handles. Handheld Pool Cleaners are available in battery-operated and plug-in types. This type of vacuum has no mechanical parts and it is available at less cost to relieve the load on your filtration system. This pool cleaning system is easy to use and affordable and will work with any type of pool.

In-Floor Pool Cleaning System:

In-floor pool cleaning system is an inbuilt system that is installed with your pool at the time of installation and it does not require any additional cost of maintenance after installation. This kind of cleaner uses an individual pump and a distribution system that cleans debris from pool-by-pool filters.

Types of Pool Cleaners

Robotics Pool Cleaners:

This kind of pool cleaning System is driven by electric motors inside the unit. A robot cleaner vacuum the debris directly into its filters when any small or large debris comes. The inbuilt brain helps the cleaner to learn the shape and size of the pool and make sure that you are not missing any corner of the pool. This type of pool cleaner circulate water in your pool and also scrubs the wall and tiles of the pool without any manual interaction.

So, select any of the above-mentioned pool cleaning systems to clean your pool based on your budget, pool type, and maintenance. To know more about various types of pool cleaning services in Tuscon then Monsoon Pool serves you with all kinds of pool maintenance and cleaning service. Contact us now for more information.